Polo Afghans

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Manny & Sienna Babies Due Soon

RusAmCanCh Kabik's The Mandate & AmCanCh Polo's Sunterra All About Me, 

 A Pedigree of the Greats of the Past , Puppies Due Soon

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

POLO Dogs still doing great

Been a long time since I went on the web, and so far behind in all the news that the Polo dogs are doing,. Thank God for Facebook for keeping all up to date
I hope this year, as we are doing less shows that I will be able to keep the blog going,

In 2014 Captain repeated as Top Breeder Owner Handler in Canada and Top Hound, He was #3 All breed, Won the Canadian National and Award of Merit at the USA National

Polo Afghan achieved a milestone, by 100 BIS all Breeder Owner Handled, In that I thank all the Judges who have acknowledge the Polo Dogs

Polo Bred dogs 3 gain US Champions and 4 that Captain sired gained their US Championships which total of 7 dogs completing their American title, giving Captain TOP SIRE in the USA

We hope to in the near future have several pictures of the 2014 year telling our story

Until then We wish you all the best for the upcoming show season

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Captain still flying high with his kids joining him

This past weekend 6 shows, sees Captain winning The Hound Group all 6 days and a Best in Show

Same show his daughter Jewel owed by myself and Anne Clark completed her Canadian title

Down in Texas Lynda Hicks and Toni King's Litter, sired by Captain, are picking up majors by majors, and Grand Ch points, , soon their litter will all be American Champions

In Italy a Ace daughter owned by Gaetano Macchia, made her debut at the Taranto International Dog show, was 1Exc in jr class, BOB and Best in Group, over Cruft winner Greyhound, , this young girl is 14 months of age, owner Gaetano is over the moon

Congratulations to all

Monday, April 7, 2014

Gone too soon

Gonny de Niet,  has joined her family and affies over the Rainbow,  a beautiful lady , who was brave and taught us so much about live life to the fullest,
Thank you Gonny for my beautiful snood you made for Captain,
always treasure  it
Fly high my dear friend

poloafghans doing well

So far behind,  I will start off with Captain continuing with his winning streak , with back to back Best in Shows in Canada

In the USA, picked up couple of groups and group placing

Captain kids are also doing well,

The Texas boys are doing incredible, with all getting their majors,

More local

 Indy , gained another American point, getting closer to her American title,

Jewel , from Russia, new to the scene, has earned several points towards her Canadian title and picked up 3 best puppy in hound group and a all breed best in sweeps,

I know I am probably missing lots however been quite busy with a New Litter

AmCanCh Polo's Sunterra All About Me, Sienna, her first litter of 3, , 2 boys and 1 girl,,

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Nova Scotia Rules

Congratulations Cindy, On her great training, Mugsy and Oola both have completed their Rally Advance, , you have certainly made Polo Afghans, known that they are just not a pretty face but darn smart, Thank you for all your hard work and your great love for these two dogs,

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Captain,, What a Year, Breeders Lynn Faro, Marilyn Thompson, Lorianne Amadeo, We are so Proud to make this exciting Announcement

Number One, Breeder,Owner,Handler,  Number One HOUND, Top 5 ALL BREED in Canada

Multi SBIS, Multi BIS, AmGrCanSupCh Polo's Air Force One ,CGN


 First Weekend out POLO Kids did well

, While Daddy Captain was winning the Group

 Peeka (Captain and Lexus) completed her American title with her 3rd major, New Canadian American Ch Polo's Peeka Blue,

Indy (Captain and Sylvie) gained another point with owner Josh handling, Congratulations

Vegas (Captain and Lexus) is getting closer to his American title with owner Vivienne down at the Florida shows

Ginger ,New Champion for Pam Dyer,  Congratulations for New American Ch, Polo's Ginger Spice, (Ace and Lexus)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Polo Afghans Like to Wish Everyone a  Merry Christmas, Safe Journeys, Happiness, and Good Health
All the Best in 2014


Stay tune for some exciting news from Captain

We welcome Jewel, Vanity Blue Diamond at Polo,  from Russia, Captain and Tyrst,

Congratulations to all the get from the Stud dog of Polo,

More about Captain in a week,

Polo Kids

Well doing so many shows I am sorry that I have fallen behind

I do hope I don't forgot all the great news the kids of Polo Have been doing

Thank you Jill Delicata for making it all possible for Liv Royneland to get Halo, and many Thanks to all who aided in the fundraising, , Halo is in a great home, and we all can breath peacefully

AmCanCh Calling Polo's A Touch of Freedom, Sylvie, was tied for Top Brood Bitch in the USA,

At the USA National, Captain was Top Stud dog,

 Painter, AmCanCh Polo's Painted Black completed his American title by going Winners Dog and BOS in Sweeps

The Next day  Indy, Can Ch Polo's The Geisha Doll was best bred by, Indy is major pointed in the USA, and completed her Canadian title undefeated

Navi, AmCanCh Polo's The Navigator gained his Canadian,American title within Months ,

Vegas, CanCh Seistan Polo The Gypsy , finished his Canadian title with gp1st and placing, and just needs his majors for his American title

Fifty, Near AmCh Polo's Special Forces won a specialty major this summer and will start being shown in January

Roady, CanCh Polo's The Road Runner, , if the owners have time, will start his Amercan career this summer

London, CanCh Polo's London Fog, gained his Canadian title with gp placings

Jetz, AmCanCh Polo's The Pilot at Darkmoon, gained his American title with Specialty majors

Oola, AmCanCh Polo's Oolong to Me N Myway  and Mugsy, CanCh Polo's Crime of Passion, both are therapy dogs, both have high in trial in Rally, they both do lure coursing, , Mugsy does aglity and obedience while Oola does more conformation, in which she places in the group

Europe, Tina Jurca, fairly new to the breed has done amazing, Yoda, AmCanCh Yoda One, is now qualified for Crufts, and his new titles are as follows, AmCan BIH,Republic of Srbska, Azerbaijan,Moldova,Georgia,San Marino,Macedonia,Montenegro, GrChamp of Cipher,  there are other countries however you have to wait a year after your first point to gain your last point for titles,

Caesar one of Captain sons, , Tina has so far, Jr Champ,of San Marino, Azerbaijan,Moldova,Georgia and Champ, of San Marino, Macedonia, Montenegro,Moldova and Cipher

UK, Polo. Seistan Polo at Khamais, has sired his first litter and will be shown in 2014

Vanya, AmCan Ch Polo's French Vanilla, her first time out in the coursing field, won both days

Ace, AmCan Ch Polo's The Aviator, won Best in Veteran Sweeps at the US National, and officially retired, The Mighty Ace, Gr Ch in the USA and GrChSup, in Canada, , All the jr,handlers fought over him and he just went in the ring and did it right, all the time, a true show dog, amazing show dog, Now he loves the life of chasing Sylvie around the yard and no worry of getting his coat matted, as no longer in show coat, , he still owns the ground he walks on, a true king, love him to bits

Lastly the saddest news, we lost our dear Beamer, to the dreadful condtion that afghans get, lung torsion, wish we could find a cure, so sad as always hit the young,,RIP dear sweet Beamer, you will always be in our hearts, bless your parents Mary Pitts